Saturday, May 13, 2017

MOMS’ WORK                                                                                                         May, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day! Today I received a box of my favorite oatmeal cookies. They were made by my friend Liz in Texas. This was her amazing way of wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. These delicious cookies caused me to pause and reflect on women (more so Moms) who work. You see, I sell tools to construction companies and manufacturers – typical non-traditional workplaces for women.

Recently, an engineer for a construction company, Tara and I talked about how we are seeing an increase of women on the job site. Hold onto your hat man, less than 10% of workers in trades, safety and engineer professionals are women on site. Something that is improving but we still need to work on. I still walk onto a site occasionally devoid of women. I see a growing acceptance of women in non-traditional roles. Why? Wage equality, job equality, work force availability it could be one of or all of these reasons.

Following are some interesting statistics I found while researching this topic. Also I am including some resources if you or your daughters are looking for a non-traditional career. Now is the time! We are building, repairing and growing at a pace not seen in decades in places like Pittsburgh, PA and Cleveland OH.  I salute all working Moms – thank you for paving the way, setting the example and encouraging a new generation in a new exciting field. To all the men that see the potential in women and help forge a path to equality – thank you for supporting us and being a trail blazer! 

Here is a link to Mom inspired buildings.

Visit the trades to learn more about career options: Free apprenticeship programs in 17 different trades. National Association of Women in Construction United Sisterhood of the Brotherhood of Carpenters  Society of Women Engineers

Statistics:  I selected some of the stats to view.

# of workers (thousands)
Women as a % of total employed
Industrial Engineers
Cabinetmakers and bench carpenters
First -line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers

Linda Richardson, Director of Business Development
Working for a trail blazing woman owned business
Want to share your experience in non-traditional roles?

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Thursday, April 27, 2017


The Deloitte Analysis article (women in manufacturing)very informative. Working in a male dominated industry for a woman owned company makes me realize how many areas women should be growing and succeeding in. Manufacturing seems to be an area ripe for women workers. The technological advances with computers and robotics means the dirty back breaking, repetitious manufacturing of by-gone eras are no more.

Manufacturing requires training, education and is looking for a skilled workforce. Initiatives in Eastern Ohio and Western PA by government and corporate collaborations to educate is based on getting the word out to the right people. No longer does everyone's path to success mean a 4 year degree. There are technical schools that will enable a student after 1 to 2 years to be employed in manufacturing or construction. These collaborations have it right, get to the students and educators. Show them what manufacturing is today and help them make a decision that is based on knowledge.

I was involved with Oh-Penn for business - a wonderful bi-state collaboration between Ohio and PA. Their value was in educating the upcoming workforce through tours, videos and classroom visits. Check them out!

 The nation's workforce is shrinking, many in manufacturing are retiring. This industry is welcoming diverse workforce solutions. Many universities are teaming with manufacturers adding curriculum that advances interest in these fields. I applaud these efforts and am proud to work for a woman in a male dominated industry. She is making strides and working hard to build a reliable business regardless of gender.

Celebrating NAWIC's (National Association of Women in Construction) National Rebuilding Day with the Pittsburgh Chapter on Saturday April 29, 2017. We will be rebuilding a local home and adding much needed repairs. I will post more about this event afterwards. Let's hope I paint straight lines, hammer straight nails and show some skills as I work side-by-side with lady carpenters, builders, construction workers and engineers.
NAWIC Chapter information

Let's hope we can all women and men make this country great by including diversity in our workforce!

Linda Richardson
Business Development Director
Power Tool and Supply ( a woman owned business)